Friday, August 28, 2015

A LEAF IS A BODY ~ New Chance

New New Chance Video created by Yuula Benivolski, Vic Cheong & Abbe Findley
thank u Double Double Land, Clown Cave Rave, Jon McCurley

Suddenly I knew…
it takes time to look out to sea
even though the shore is a bore
even if you feel you know the ocean
it might not feel like being gazed upon
It takes time to put yourself in a new place
even if its a place you feel you know
would a lime fall down from a tree?
would a banana hanging ripen just for me?
it's a thrill oh but it's a thrill
pure nature
it takes time to see that a leaf is a body
even if it hides itself from me
I would like to find a clear clean slate
I'm not afraid to erase what came before