Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Here are some photos of the very special record covers for Matthew 'Doc' Dunn's, Tecumseh.
We have been working, working, working away in the spectacular studio of Sandy Plotnikoff who has swept his holographic sparkle and shine across each cover by hand. So unique !
Sandy also made us nachos. What a pro !

Mastered by Matt Valentine
Foil and sticker magic by Sandy Plotnikoff
Layout/design by VC
Healing Power Records #27
Cosmic Range #001 Toronto, 2012
Tecumseh is an adventure through the mind, body, & soul of Toronto's most beloved psych ambassador's - - - taste the music - - -

LPs are $25

contact us 4 shipping: helix.ingo.powers@gmail.com

Live recordings from the record release show at Double Double Land in Toronto can be heard on Mechanical Forest Sound